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Coffee Shop Names Generator

Free coffee shop name generator, with the help of AI, for instant ideas.

Brainstorming coffee shop names for your new coffee brand?

Then you will love this guide.

Coffee is big business these days.

Recent statistics show the coffee industry is worth a staggering US$85.1 billion in 2022 [1]. No wonder you want a piece of the juicy pie. Running a coffee brand starts with naming your business. Brainstorming names manually works, but it’s time-consuming.

That’s where a coffee name generator comes in handy to make things easier.

Here are some practical tips on how to create tantalizing coffee shop names manually and automatically.

1. Use a coffee shop name generator tool

Coming up with coffee shop names from scratch can be difficult. Not only do you need to brainstorm the perfect name, but you also need to check if that name has already been taken.

To go straight to quality names that haven’t been taken yet, you can consider an AI-powered coffee shop name generator as a companion to your brainstorming.

When using a name generator like Domain Wheel, you don’t have to crack your head for ideas. All you do is type your seed keyword or phrases into the search bar. Then hit Search Domain. The super-intelligent engine kicks into action and generates tons of instant name ideas for you to consider.

See the results for coffee below.

Coffee shop names from Domain Wheel

There are some interesting name suggestions in the batch if you ask me:

  • Java Coffee
  • Green Coffee
  • Coffee Studio
  • Get Coffee
  • Coffee Now
  • Coffee Tech

But that’s just the beginning.

You can narrow the search down to your niche. A niche simply means the coffee specialty you want your business to focus on. By searching for latte specifically, I got more fascinating coffee shop name ideas:

  • Choco Latte
  • Latte City
  • Latte Space
  • Cosmic Latte
  • The Latte

For the best results, you can filter results by:

  1. Character count: limit your name search by the number of characters you want; up to 30 characters.
  2. Number of keywords: choose up to nine keywords you want the name search to focus on.
  3. Domain extension: decide the domain extension type for your new business site name, e,g. .com, .net, ,co, ,biz

Here’s how the filter section of the Domain Wheel coffee name generator looks:

Domain Wheel filters to narrow down name suggestions

Not only that.

At the bottom of your search results, there are more suggestions. The software divides these ideas into three categories:

  1. Sounds like…
  2. Rhymes with…
  3. Random suggestions

If something piques your interest, just click on the word for more suggestions.

Domain Wheel out-there coffee shop names and suggestions

With so many filters and customization options, finding the perfect name for your business is easier than you think.

Let’s now get into some manual tips for generating coffee shop name ideas.

2. Draw inspiration from real-world coffee shop names

You don’t have to start your name search from scratch.

There’s plenty of inspiration from brands that have gone before you. Coffee shops in your neighborhood, city, state, or even abroad can spark ideas for your name. Think about the coffee brands you know.

  • Which ones stand out from the rest?
  • What makes the names special?
  • Is it the sound, word combinations, or something else?
  • How can you put your spin on the name to make it unique?

If you go through this process, you will coin riveting coffee name ideas. Once you’ve exhausted those you already know, move your research online. After searching for “best coffee shops in NYC”, here are some names I found:

  • Cafe Grumpy
  • Devoción
  • Felix Roasting Company
  • Stumptown Coffee
  • Kinship Coffee
  • Culture Expresso
  • Third Rail Coffee
  • La Cabra
  • Interlude Coffee & Tea
  • Cafe Integral
  • Black Fox Coffee Co.

From alliterations to rhymes, from unusual word combinations to foreign languages, and more, there’s enough fuel to fire your creativity engine.

If you want to go further, you can then feed these back into the coffee shop name generator above to come up with even more suggestions.

3. Keep it short, don’t be long-winded

When naming your coffee shop, it’s easy to get carried away.

Yes, for you to discover memorable names, you must let your imagination go wild. But inventiveness doesn’t mean wordy bombastic names.

Here’s why.

Rambling names are hard to remember. That’s the last thing you need when you want to build a memorable brand people pledge loyalty to. So, keep your name short and sweet… three words maximum. And short ones at that.

Like this:

  • Coffeelicious
  • Espresso Den
  • Rees Coffee & Bonds

4. Play with alliteration and rhyme

Words can dance and play.

Delightful sounds tickle not only the ear but are also easy to remember. Leverage the power of magnetic sounds to make your coffee company name roll nicely off the tongue. There are two ways to do this.

First, use alliteration. Alliteration is repeating similar consonant sounds at the beginning of adjacent words.

Another language device you can use is rhyming. Unlike alliteration, rhyming repeats vowel sounds between words, and not necessarily at the beginning.

Experiment with similar-sounding words. You may unearth a gem of a name.

Below are some examples of coffee shop names that use rhyme and alliteration.

  • Coffee Connections
  • Coffee Corner
  • Palate Latte
  • Latino Cappuccino
  • Latte Laire
  • Beany Brew
  • Cups & Company

5. Steal delightful words from a foreign language

Sometimes English words don’t do the trick.

So, you must borrow words from another language to craft a head-turning coffee brand name. Here are a few tips on how to make this work.

  • Pick short words because they are simpler and easier to remember, more so when using a foreign language
  • Choose words that are easy to pronounce and have a nice ring to them
  • Combine foreign words with English words
  • Stick to one foreign language – one unfamiliar language is hard enough

For some case studies of foreign language-inspired coffee shop names, see the names below.

  • Koinonia Coffee Corner
  • Celia
  • Coffee Amici
  • Infuso Caldo

Bonus tip: to help customers understand the name, explain the meaning in your tagline.

For instance, for the Italian name, Infuso Caldo, your tagline could be “For Steaming Hot Brew”. Then consumers will understand that Infuso Caldo means hot brew.

6. Experiment with acronyms or initialisms

In addition, try acronyms and initialisms.

An acronym is a word created from the first letters of each of the words in a series of words. The whole thing is then pronounced as a single word. For example, NASA.

An initialism is similar, but each letter is pronounced separately. For example, CIA or FBI.

To create unforgettable coffee brand names from acronyms or initialisms, test many word combinations. Done well, acronyms and initialisms can produce cool coffee shop names like:

  • MCJ (My Caffeine Joint)
  • LAB (Latte And Buddies)
  • CAP (Creamy Americano Pot)
  • CAB (Cappuccino Aroma Bar)
  • MAD (Mocha After Daybreak)
  • JOY (Java On You)

The best part?

These types of names are catchy and easy to remember.

7. Personalize your coffee shop name with your name

Next, another simple yet effective tactic for generating coffee shop names is personalization.

This is your business, right?

Then slap your name on it, baby.

Names denote warmth, intimacy, and exclusivity. These are superb brand positioning attributes. Personalized names show your brand is a cozy, private spot.

Sample names of personalized coffee shop names are:

  • Susan’s Expresso
  • Nancy’s Coffee Place
  • Blackwell’s Black Coffee
  • Lizzie’s Creamy Latte
  • Kim’s Coffee Kitchen
  • Joe’s Java Joint

Remember, you don’t have to use your real name. Pet names are fine too.

8. Ask for feedback from people in your circle

It’s wonderful to dream up a fancy coffee business name in private.

But here’s the big question: will it work in the real world?

Therefore, public validation is critical.

You must test your suggested names in real life with real people. Only then will you know if they’ll bomb or blossom. Confirming if your names will resonate with your target audience is simple.

Draw up a basic survey with a list of names. Ask people in your circle which one they like. Craft something along these lines:

Hey, I’m launching a coffee business soon and I need your help. Please answer this quick question. It’ll only take a minute.

Which coffee shop name do you like from these options?

  1. Mocha Palace
  2. Caffeine Dose
  3. Americano Coffee House
  4. Stacey’s Morning Bre

For best results, reach out to people with similar characteristics to your target audience. Their answers are more likely to tally with the opinions of your potential customers.

Coffee shop names to arouse your creativity

Still not sure how to get started? 🎬

Here are some coffee shop names to prime your creativity pump.

Catchy names for coffee shops

  • Roasters Cafe
  • Coffee Hut
  • Big Mug Doppio
  • Coffee World
  • Double Espresso Dome
  • Coffee House
  • Java Utensils
  • Coffee City
  • The Coffee Place
  • Coffee Grinder
  • Coffee Roaster
  • Cold Brew Storm
  • Coffee Pot
  • Big Mug Cafe
  • Spicy Beans Coffee
  • The Coffee Hideout
  • Everett Expresso
  • Charlotte Cappuccino
  • Steaming Brown Beans

I’m sure some of these coffee shop names hit home. Refine them further or use them as they are. But first, confirm if they’re available.

Coffee shop names galore: take your pick

To sum up, with some guidance, generating coffee shop names isn’t too hard.

Business name generation is vital because a good name is a branding tool.

An excellent name distinguishes you from the competition. It also tells customers who you are and reveals your coffee specialty.

Let’s recap the eight strategies you should use to craft a noteworthy coffee shop name:

  1. Use a coffee shop name generator tool
  2. Draw inspiration from real-world coffee shop names
  3. Keep it short, don’t be long-winded
  4. Play with alliteration and rhyme
  5. Steal delightful words from a foreign language
  6. Experiment with acronyms and initialisms
  7. Personalize it with your name
  8. Ask for feedback from people in your circle

Follow these tips and you will soon land your dream coffee shop name 🛒 that’ll get everyone talking.

Once you choose a name, you’ll probably want a coffee shop website to let people connect with you online.

To that end, you can follow our step-by-step guide on 👉 how to make a website for your coffee shop.