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35+ Must-Know Domain Name Statistics (2023)

What are the most popular domain extensions? What is the most common length for a domain name? This guide to domain name statistics will answer these questions and more.

We have collected the latest and most interesting data on domain names. Let’s start.

General domain name statistics

1. There are 350.5 million registered domain names

The internet is growing, as proven by the fact that the number of domain names has grown by 13.2 million or 3.9% since last year [1].

2. There are 33,000 new domain name registrations every day

If you don’t want to do the math, that’s about one new domain every 2.61 seconds [2].

3. With 76.6 million domains, the most popular domain name registrar is GoDaddy

The next in line is Namecheap, with 16.5 million [12]. Domain registrars sell new domains to the public. If you have your sights on some already-claimed name, you can go through domain brokers.

4. Domain name statistics show that the average length of a name with a .com extension is 13.5 characters

The most common length, however, is 12 characters. If we take a look at the .net domain name stats, we can see that these websites have 12.4 characters on average [3].

5. The average domain name length of the five most popular websites is six characters

Shorter domain names, in general, bring in more traffic [4].

Domain popularityThe average number of characters
Top 56
Top 106.1
Top 1006.2
Top 5006.8
Top 10,0008
Top 100,0009.1
The five most popular websites have six characters

Domain name statistics: extensions

6. There are 1,602 TLD extensions

The number of TLDs is growing. From the initial eight generic and well-known names (.com, .net, .org, etc.), the number came to 1,602 due to the increased demand for new domains. Now we have interesting domains like .pizza, .ninja and .photography [5].

7. There are five types of TLDs [15]

  • gTLD – Generic Top-level Domains (.com; .org; .net; .info, etc)
  • sTLD – Sponsored Top-level Domains
  • ccTLD – Country Code Top-level Domains ((.us; .es; .fr; .it, etc)
  • ARPA – Infrastructure Top-Level Domain
  • tTLD – Test Top-Level Domains (.example; .invalid; .localhost; .test)

8. 43% of all domains have generic extensions (.com, .net, .org, .gov, etc.) [17]

9. Domain name statistics show that, with 37.1% of the global share, the most popular domain extension is .com

There are no surprises here. This extension is the synonym of the internet for most people [5].


Domain name statistics – Top TLDs distribution

However, when functioning and relevant websites are concerned, the percentage of .com extensions goes up to 49.9 [14].

10. There are 160.9 million domains with a .com extension [20]

11. .flsmidth and .doosan are the least common domain extensions, with 0 registered domains [17]

12. The most trusted domain extension is .com

A 1,500-people study conducted by Growth Badger showed that .com is still the most trusted extension, with an average trust rating is 3.5 [6]. The second and third places went to .co and .org, with 3.4 and 3.3, respectively

13. When they forget the extension, people are 3.8 times more likely to assume it is .com [6]

14. Domain names with new TLD extensions are generally pricier to register – while .com is $11.99, .build is $99.99

Original Top Level DomainRegistrationRenewalPrivacy
Original Top-Level Domain Names – Bluehost prices
Generic Top-Level DomainRegistrationRenewalPrivacy
New Generic Top-Level Domain Names – Bluehost prices

New TLDs are more brandable because they have industry-specific keywords, and this can affect their prices. For instance, TLDs for high-profit and high-competition industries like .inc, .protection and .security can cost around $2,000[26]. However, this doesn’t apply to all new TLDs – as domain names with extensions like .club, .online, and .site can cost between $10 and $25.

15. Domain name stats show that .surf is the most abused TLD

Reseach done by Spamhaus shows that 72.3% of domains with .surf extensions are “bad” – spammy, malicious, etc. [22]

Domain name statistics by country

16. 40% of all domains have country extensions (.uk, .cn, .de, etc.) [5]

17. There are 340 country TLDs

This is strange because there are 195 countries in the world (193 UN members and two observer countries) [23]. That’s because ccTLDs can be given even to specific territories within countries. For instance, French Polynesia, Martinique, and Gaza Strip all have their extensions [5].

18. .cn is the thrid most popular extension, with 4.14% of the total TLDs [5]

19. The number of ccTLDs fell by 1.3% between second and third quarter of 2022 [21]

20. There are about 126.9 million domains registered in the US, which accounts for 19.77% of the total global domain number

Domain name statistics show that the second on the list is China (2.84%), and the third place goes to Canada (2.58%) [5].

21. The largest percentage (59.49%) have undefined registration countries [5].

22. The revenue in the US domain name sales industry will reach 8.6 billion in 2023

This will be a 6.1% year-to-year growth, and the market shows a steady rise – average yearly growth of 3.9% in the last five years [9].

23. Tokelau, a tiny New Zeeland territory, has only 1,411 residents, but 4.23% of all global domains have a .tk extension [5]

This interesting and perplexing domain name stat might have you imagining an island where every man, woman, child, pet, and fish in the sea are internet entrepreneurs, but no. While imagining the entire crew of the Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo typing on keyboards might be amusing, the reality is quite grim. Namely, this group of three atolls offers free domain registration, and this made it extremely popular among phishing scammers. In fact, some analyses suggest that this is the third most prevalent TPD when it comes to phishing attacks [25].

If you are bootstrapping your business and looking for ways to save, choosing this extension simply because it offers free registration is a bad choice. For instance, hosting providers like Bluehost offer free registration. It would be a much better decision.

24. Domain name statistics show that the fastest-growing country TLD is Gabon’s .ga

Again, we have a small country (2.28 million residents) with a skyrocketing internet population of almost 9.5 million domains [24]. And the reasons are similar to the previous entry – free registration. We wonder if legislators in these countries know or care about what this is doing to their online reputation. This is the tenth most prevalent TLD when it comes to phishing attacks [10] [25].

Interesting domain name statistics

25., the first domain ever, was registered on March 15, 1985

However, the first domain name registered was not the first domain name created. Namely, a Scandinavian research collaboration created on January 1, 1985, but registration was not allowed back then. Symbolics.Inc beat them to de punch and registered on March 15 of the same year and became legendary. is now owned by an entrepreneur who turned it into a sort of museum website [7].

Domain name statistics - screenshot

26. Only around 15,000 domain names were registered by 1992 [7]

27. Most of the first 100 domains ever registered were brands – Northrop, Xerox, HP, etc. [18]

28. According to domain name stats, the average price of a new domain name is around $10-$12 [16]

The price depends a lot on the extension you choose, the registrar company, the length of the contract, etc. This means it can go significantly higher [12].

29. The highest price ever paid for a domain name was $30 million [11] was sold in 2019 for $30 million [12]. The price included the domain name only, not the website or any equity component.

The top 10 of the priciest domain names are:

  • – $30 million
  • – $15 million
  • – $14 million
  • – $13 million
  • – $10 million
  • – around $10 million
  • – $9.5 million
  • – $8.88 million
  • – $8 million
  • – $8 million

The interesting fact is that Facebook bought the domain from the American Farm Bureau Federation in 2011.

30. One of the longest domain names has 64 characters, and we dare you to read it made it to the Guinness Book of Records as the longest domain name. It is a part of a tourist campaign for a village in Wales. The charming name translates to English as “Saint Mary’s Church in the hollow of the white hazel near a rapid whirlpool and the Church of Saint Tysilio of the red cave” [8].

31. Domain registration was free until 1995

Yes, before 1995, you could’ve even gotten a .com domain for free [13].

32. The most frequent starting letter for domains is S. It is also the most frequent last letter [3]

In case you were wondering – the least frequent starting letter is Q.

33. All three-lettered .com domains are already registered. The last one was snatched in 1997 [5]

34. Elon Musk paid $11 million for the domain in 2016

Up until 2016, the company was using According to Musk, the transaction took over a decade of negotiations and a lot of effort [19].

35. was accidentally sold for $12 in 2015

The company paid around $12,000 to get it back, and the short-time owner gave the money to charity [21].

Domain name statistics: conclusion

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