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Non profit Organization Name Generator

Free non profit organization name generator, with the help of AI, for instant ideas.

Your non profit organization name shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Sadly, most would-be nonprofit organization owners give little thought to their charity’s name. Instead, they dedicate a lot of time and financial resources to choosing the right board members, identifying potential donors, and defining the beneficiaries, then cobble up the organization’s name at the end.

But a good name for your nonprofit can help you attract donors, volunteers, and press to your cause. It can also make it easier for the people you’re trying to help to find you.

👉 In this guide, you will get seven practical tips on how to create a meaningful non profit organization name.

But first, let’s talk about why this is so important:

3 Reasons your nonprofit name matters

Why bother with the name of your nonprofit organization in the first place? 🥇

  1. You need a unique name for you to incorporate your nonprofit so it becomes a recognized legal entity.
  2. A good name for your nonprofit distinguishes your charity from the 10 million nonprofit organizations already in existence [1].
  3. A thoughtful nonprofit name helps you generate interest and build credibility with donors, volunteers, and partners.

Let’s now look at 🔎 seven tips for making a purposeful non profit organization name.

How to create nonprofit organization name ideas

1. Describe your core mission

First, the easiest method of naming your organization is describing ✍️ your mission plainly.

No frills, complexity, or wordiness.

Just describe what you do using simple language like this:

Name ideas for new nonprofits

  • Stray Pet Rescue
  • The Safe Neighborhoods Project
  • End Illiteracy Fund
  • Save Water Trust
  • Save The Delta Smelt
  • Support For Alcoholics
  • Drugs Off The Streets
  • Education For Hispanics Fund
  • Medical Doctors For Free
  • End Hunger Worldwide

Names of existing nonprofits

  • Feeding Hungry Children
  • Justice For Rape Victims
  • Children’s Rights Foundation
  • Gifts To Children
  • Diabetes Research Foundation

A simple description of your major mission is powerful.

It makes potential donors and supporters connect with your cause straightaway. They don’t have to scratch their heads trying to grasp what your organization does.

2. Focus on your mission

Secondly, if your organization comprises one collective group of members, use this simple formula to craft attention-grabbing nonprofit name ideas.

Group name + conjunction/preposition + your mission = stellar nonprofit name

Let’s say you are part of a group of mothers that want to launch an organization that speaks against domestic violence (DV) and supports victims of DV. Here’s how you can come up with a name using the above template.

Moms + domestic violence = Moms Against Domestic Violence

Try both the positive and negative spin to your cause and see which one works best. Helpful words here are “against” and “for”, e.g. Moms For Road Safety. What are you advocating for or against?

An example of a real nonprofit that uses this naming template is Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Here are other mission-focused name ideas to inspire you:

  • Dads For Safe Schools
  • Teachers For Student Mental Health
  • Citizens Against Deforestation
  • Teens Against Drug Abuse
  • Christians Stand With Refugees
  • Doctors For Active Lifestyles
  • Retailers For Sustainability
  • Footballers Against Racism

3. Focus on whom you help

Thirdly, anchor the name of your nonprofit organization on your target audience.

People give towards causes that align with their values.

Often those values are tied to a specific group they care about or a belief they identify with. By stating whom you help in your name, you attract supporters and stakeholders who care about that demographic or principle.

Below are names of nonprofit organizations that revolve around a specific target audience.

  • New Mums Postpartum Depression Care
  • Recovering Addicts Rehab Center
  • Street Children Halfway House
  • Bicycles For Students in Developing Nations
  • Cancer Care For Black Women
  • Homes For Abandoned Babies
  • Help For Depressed Men
  • Counselling For Overwhelmed Parents
  • Cuddles For Orphan Kids

Call out the audience you want to help with your organization’s name. Potential donors and volunteers will identify with your mission and jump in to support you with their money and skills.

4. Make sure the name is easy to spell and say

Next, use simple words that are easy to spell and say when crafting a name for your charitable organization.

Here’s why.

If people can’t pronounce or spell your name, how will they spread the word about your mission to their friends and family? Consequently, you will lose thousands of dollars in potential donations. Not only that. It will also be difficult for people to find you online because they’ll have difficulties typing your name correctly.

Check out the simple nonprofit name examples below for inspiration:

Name ideas for new nonprofits

  • Save The Amazon Forest
  • Roofs For The Displaced
  • Radiant Smiles Foundation
  • Our Planet Earth
  • Child Care Center
  • Change Makers
  • Free Education For All
  • Human Angels

Names of existing nonprofits

  • House Of Hope
  • Saving Oceans
  • Mercy Mission
  • Givers Network
  • Adopt A School
  • Meals on Wheels

Make it easy for people to find you and they’ll join hands with you in transforming lives.

5. Include the place your organization helps

Location-driven names are another tactic for naming your organization.

People care deeply about specific places.

Patriots will gladly lend a helping hand to causes in their beloved country. Other folks are prepared to do anything to give back to the communities, towns, or cities where they grew up. For others, once they visit certain places locally or overseas, because of their rich experiences there, the locations never leave their hearts.

Name the location you want to impact. You will tug at the heartstrings of prospective donors who care about them so they give towards your mission.

Here’s a list of location-driven non profit name ideas:

  • Austin Society For The Blind
  • Colorado Coalition For The Deaf
  • Durham Cat Care Society
  • Clothes For Kids Of Waukegan
  • Knoxville Dog Rescue Mission
  • Glendale Children’s Home
  • Brownsville Wild Animal Sanctuary
  • Enid Support Network For Gunshot Victims
  • Everett Center For Mental Health
  • Saving Indigenous Languages In Africa

6. Learn from real nonprofit organization names

Next, let’s now look at three names of existing charities and explain why they work.

Keep America Beautiful

Nonprofit organization name examples: Keep America Beautiful

What strikes you immediately about this name is its simplicity.

The name captures the essence of the organization, keeping America beautiful through cleanups recycling campaigns, litter prevention programs, and more.

The charity’s name also appeals to people’s patriotism by stating America as the center of its activities. This moves nationalists to participate in the organization’s activities.


Nonprofit organization name examples: MADD

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is a popular nonprofit for a good reason. First, the use of the combative word “against” gets buy-in from thousands of people who feel strongly about the negative effects of drunk driving.

Also, the acronym MADD dovetails perfectly into the charity’s unstoppable fiery passion to stop the scourge of drunk driving. When would-be donors’ passions are ignited, they are more likely to click the “Donate Now” button.

Stomp Out Bullying

Non profit organization name examples: Stomp Out Bullying

The name Stomp Out Bullying gets the thumbs up for clarity.

It describes the organization’s mission using clear language. They avoided complex words and ambiguous language. Using the active verb also inspires action, making site visitors more likely to take part in the organization’s activities.

7. Use a nonprofit organization name generator

Finally, you can generate scores of instant name ideas using a nonprofit name generator tool like DomainWheel.

Just type your name idea or keyword into the search bar and click Search Domain.

DomainWheel nonprofit name generator

A big plus is that the smart AI-driven software automatically checks if the name suggestions are available so you don’t waste time on names that are already in use.

Here are the search results for “stop school bullying”:

Non profit name ideas from DomainWheel

A few interesting name ideas from the suggestions are:

  • Quit School Bullying
  • End The Bullying
  • Stop Bullying Today
  • Stop Bullying Now
  • End Bullying Now
  • No More Bullying
  • Stop School Abuse
  • End School Bullying

Getting all these solid suggestions at the click of a button is a big time-saver. Experiment with different keywords until you land on your perfect name.

Pro tip: Once you’ve found a name you like, register the domain right away! You can register a domain for under $20/year and reserve it until you’re ready to build a website.

Find your non profit organization name today

All in all, your nonprofit organization’s name plays a crucial role in your charity’s success.

It contributes significantly to how well you connect with donors, volunteers, and supporters.

In essence, creating an impactful name hinges on the degree of clarity you have about your mission. The clearer your mission, the easier it becomes to strip it down to the bare essentials and communicate it simply.

👉 Using our business name generator and the other strategies listed in this article will make it easy to find the perfect name for your nonprofit so you can focus on other key aspects of building a nonprofit.