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Drink Name Generator

Free drink name generator, with the help of AI, for instant ideas.

Whether you’re a bartender looking to add a seasonal drink to your menu or an entrepreneur looking to launch a drink-based business, a name generator can make your selection process a lot easier. Instead of brainstorming drink name ideas, which can take up a lot of time, you can let the generator do the work for you. Alternatively, if it’s convenient, we’ve also pre-generated over 150 creative drink names to get you going:

Drink business name ideas

If you’re going to be starting a drink business then coming up with a good name for it is crucial. It should reflect the essence and spirit of your offerings. Whether it’s a cozy coffee shop or a chic cocktail bar, a captivating name will set the tone for customer expectations and experiences.

An example of a drink business name.

The Spirited Sip

Aqua Aroma Infusions

Poured Perfection

Elixir of Essence

Suds & Spirits Pub

Quench Quest

Froth & Foam

Ambrosial Ales

Mixxy Mingle Lounge

The Brewed Awakening

Brewed Bliss Cafe

Twist & Taste Cocktail Emporium

The Velvet Vine Wine Bar

Haven of Hydration

The Thirsty Traveler

Vibrant Vines

The Tipsy Tap

The Potion Post

The Blissful Brew

The Symphony of Sip

Cocktail drink names

The art of naming cocktails lies in evoking the senses and imagination. Names should hint at the story, ingredients, or sensation of the drink, offering patrons not just a beverage but an experience.

An example of a cocktail drink name and what it would look like.

Basil Breeze

Velvet Vesper

Crimson Clover

Lavender Lagoon

Amber Ambition

Pearl Paloma

Ruby Rhapsody

Ivory Illusion

Azure Allure

Frostfire Fizz

Midnight Mariner

Saffron Sunset

Elixir of Eclipse

Ginger Glimmer

Twilight Tempest

Harbor Haze

Coral Caress

Nectar Nightfall

Serene Spritz

Sapphire Sling

Soft drink name ideas

Names for soft drinks should bubble with personality and refreshment, capturing the essence of the flavors and fizz within. They should be catchy, making the drink a memorable part of any occasion.

An example of a soft drink name.

Radiant Roots

Bubbly Bliss

Fizzy Fusion

Luminous Lemonade

Tropical Twirl

Chill Cherry Chill

Orchard Odyssey

Pure Prism Pop

Glowing Ginger Glaze

Electric Elderberry Elixir

Zesty Zenith

Twilight Tingle

Sparkling Serenity

Velvet Vanilla Vibes

Eternal Effervescence

Nectar Nebula

Citrus Cyclone

Berry Bliss Bubble

Sapphire Soda Splash

Whimsical Watermelon Wave

Playful drink names

Injecting humor or wit into drink names can create a memorable and enjoyable experience for customers. Playful names can set a lighthearted tone, inviting guests to relax and enjoy.

An example of a playful drink name.

Witty Whiskey

Tickly Tonic

Silly Slow Sipper

Chuckling Cherry Cola

Voluptuous Vodka

Tehee Tea

Jester’s Gin

Jaw Wide Shut

Rummy In My Tummy

Perniciously Pretentious Prosecco

Giggle Juice

Smoothie Smack

Punchline Punch

Jovial Java

Amused Apple Ale

Ha-ha Hops

The Laughing Lager

Tone Deaf Tequila


Negroni Nomenclature

Ingredient-based drink names

Names that highlight key ingredients can entice customers by setting clear taste expectations. This approach can appeal to those interested in the craft and quality of their beverages.

An example of an ingredient-based drink name - Lemongrass Lift.

Lemongrass Lift

Turmeric Tonic Twist

Hibiscus Harmony

Mint Mirage Mojito

Cherry Chai Charge

Tangerine Tango Tea

Raspberry Rapture

Pomegranate Pulse

Blueberry Bliss Burst

Revered Rosemary

Vanilla Verve Martini

Lavender Lush Fizz

Cucumber Crush Cooler

Cardamom Clarity

Peppered Peach Punch

Elderflower Elegance

Sage Serenity Swizzle

Citrus Cilantro Splash

Blackberry Bramble Blast

Currant Cock-a-doo

Drink names based on history or culture

Incorporating local history or landmarks into drink names can add depth and connection to the community. It’s a way to honor the past while enjoying the present.

An example of a drink name based on local history or culture.

Warsaw Winter Warmer – Poland

Zulu Honey Zest – South Africa

Vedic Spice Voyage – India

Celtic Clover Charm – Ireland

Hanoi Lychee Liquor – Vietnam

Ottoman Orchard Oasis – Turkey

Liberty Bell Libation – Philadelphia, USA

Maori Melon Mashup – New Zealand

Viking Voyage Vodka – Scandinavia

Polynesian Pineapple Punch – Polynesia

Samurai Sake Spritz – Japan

Gold Coast Ginger Beer – Ghana

Khmer Kiwi Kicker – Cambodia

Siam Spice Sangria – Thailand

Tatra Mountain Mist – Slovakia

Balkan Berry Blast – Southeast Europe

Caribbean Coral Cooler – Caribbean

Babylonian Barley Brew – Mesopotamia

Transylvanian Twilight Tonic – Romania

Cartagena Coconut Colada – Colombia

Rhyming drink names

Rhyming names are catchy and fun, making them easy to remember. They add a playful element to the menu, encouraging customers to try something new.

An example of a rhyming drink name.

Sherry Mon Cheri

Fear the Beer

My Dear Beer

Two Deer Beer

Yum-Yum Rum

Gin For The Win

Seize The Day IPA


Stout With Clout

Tequil O’Neal

Whiskey Frisky

The Rye Reply

The Inside Cider

Mead Indeed

We Know Vino

Moonshine Divine

Dandy Brandy

Top Notch Scotch

Hurrah Syrah

From The Fray Chardonnay

Personification drink names

Giving drinks a personal touch by naming them after characters or personifying them can create a unique and engaging experience. It’s like each drink tells its own story. However, these must also be approached carefully. The last thing you want is to get a cease and desist letter from some celebrity because you used their name without permission. Always double check with an attorney if you’re unsure about using a particular name.

An example of a personification drink name.

Martini Scorsese


Whiskey Houston

Scotchy Robinson

Daquiri Duck

Mojito Mouse

Mai Tai Tyson

Cognac Curie

Sinatra Stout

Absinthe Austen

Jordan Juniper

Negroni Depp

Champagne Chaplin

Daiquiri Dickens

Margarita Monroe

Bond, Bourbon Bond

Brando Beer

Rum Roosevelt

Porter Poppins

Gin Diesel

Tips and strategies for naming your drink

Naming your drinks is an intricate art and it helps to have a little guidance to point you in the right direction.

When gathering this information together, we studied the Taste Atlas top 100 cocktails in America list and picked out a few clues on how to name your drink. In fact, we incorporated some of them into the drink name ideas we shared earlier. The list includes:

  1. Animals. (Polar Bear, Brass Monkey, Grasshopper)
  2. Places. (La Louisiane, New York Sour, Brooklyn)
  3. Ingredients. (Milk Punch, Agent Orange, Blueberry Tea)
  4. Eccentric behavior. (Skip and Go Naked)
  5. Inventions. (Sidecar)
  6. Popular people. (Royce)
  7. Blockbuster shows. (Rob Roy)
  8. Creator(s). (Three Wise Men, Ramos Gin Fizz, Lime Rickey )
  9. Historical events and places. (B-51, Ward 8)
  10. Nationalities. (Mexican Martini, Red Russian, French Martini)
  11. Taste. (Gin Sour, Salty Dog)
  12. Weather. (Hurricane, Mudslide, Tequila Sunset)

Please note that the drink examples above ☝️ are real cocktail names. They are already taken. We used them as illustrations to prompt your imagination.

How to come up with catchy drink names

Crafting creative drink names requires a multi-pronged approach. There are many aspects you should consider if you want to get it right.

πŸ‘‡ Here are six tips to help you make a notable drink name.

1. Study what works for real drink names

First, to come up with great drink names, model what’s already working out there.

Don’t waste precious time trying to reinvent the wheel. Instead, find out what’s working and copy it. Of course, don’t copy it verbatim. Tweak it to suit your context.

Let’s evaluate three popular drink names and what makes them work so well.

Pina Colada

Pina Colada drink name

Whether it’s the sweet-sounding rhyme as it rolls off the tongue or its “strained pineapple” Spanish origin, Pina Colada is a fantastic drink name. Besides the delightful rhyme and its sweet pineapple and coconut taste, Pina Colada is a short two-word drink name.

Virgin Margarita

Margarita drink name

Another famous drink is the much-loved Virgin Margarita.

Notice how short it is? It’s only two words long, so it’s easy to say. Also, the name uses straightforward language. “Virgin” tells merrymakers that it’s a non-alcoholic drink or a mocktail – perfect for those who don’t drink alcohol.

And “margarita” rolls nicely off the tongue.

Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned drink name

Third, let’s examine another renowned drink name, the classic Old Fashioned.

It draws you in with its simplicity. The name uses plain no-frills language. Using the phrase “old fashioned”, infers sticking to one’s roots and heritage. You visualize a pure, rich drink that’s untainted by modern ingredients.

And, once again, it’s very short.

2. Tap into your local history

Another possible approach for potent drink names that pack a punch is to draw upon your local history.

Your location is endowed with a rich heritage. Whether it’s unforgettable characters or gripping events that are forever etched in the minds of locals, work them into your drink names. Brownie points for you if you can match the drink name with the behavior of the historical figures or the nature of the event.

Click here to go back to our list of historical / cultural names.

3. Use the name of a famous person

A third strategy is to wrap your drink name around famous people in your region.

Here’s why this is a powerful strategy.

Prominent people, dead or alive, are instantly recognizable. So, including them in your drink name will make your name memorable and gain recognition faster. You could also go for globally famous superstars to inspire your drink name, but this strategy is more risky. In general, when using any famous person’s name, it’s best to check with an attorney or at least do some research to ensure that you won’t be violating any trademarks or copyrights.

Click here to go back to our list of personification drink names.

4. Base your name on the drink’s ingredients

Fourthly, consider basing your drink name on its ingredients.

It’s a foolproof way to come up with fascinating drink names that capture the heart of the drink. There are two ways to go about it. You can build a name based on the drink’s chief ingredient. Or anchor the name on the secondary ingredients.

Click here to return to the ingredient-inspired drink name list.

5. Find word pairings that gel well together

Up next, finding the best name for your favorite drink hinges on superb word pairings.

Getting remarkable individual words is easy. But combining them so they click requires more effort and a lot of trial and error. Once you settle on what you think is a good pairing, don’t stop there. Verify the name with friends and other people in your circle.

To find rhyming words:

  • Make separate lists of synonyms of the words you want to include in your drink name
  • Group the words in your lists in alphabetic order
  • Scan the lists for words that have similar sounds
  • Combine words with similar sounds to see if the phrase makes sense

Click here to go back to our list of rhyme based drink names.

Otherwise, if you want another easy way to find words that rhyme, you can try the drink name generator at the top of this page, which brings us to…

6. Use a drink name generator

Before you get started, it’s important to understand why you’re going to be using the name generator. If it’s just to get creative drink name ideas, then you can simply use it as-is. Just write your seed key phrase in the search bar and hit the big red button.

However, if you’re planning on launching a drink brand or some other kind of business that will require an online presence (i.e., a website), then you will want to make one slight adjustment before hitting the red button. Directly underneath it, you’ll notice a toggle option that says Check Domains.

It’s off by default, but if you turn it on, you’ll not only get drink name ideas, but you’ll be able to check available domain names for those ideas.

Drink name generator

It’s all very straightforward. Once the drink name ideas propagate, if you see one you like, tap on View Domains to see what your options are. Otherwise, if there isn’t anything that catches your eye, then click on Load More at the bottom. As the name promises, this will load additional results for you to peruse.

If you run the generator without turning on the toggle then you’ll get a nice clean list of names without the View Domains buttons. Again, this is perfect for those of you who aren’t interested in building a website and only want drink name ideas.

Drink name generator: how to pick the best names

To wrap this up, remember that producing drink name ideas is relatively simple, and can even be fun.

However, it does require some work and time investment – especially if you are doing things completely manually.

Undoubtedly, an AI-powered drink name generator makes the task easier and faster. You can even combine the two methods by using the generator first, and then manually editing the results.

And on that note, we say cheers!

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