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.club Domain: Why Use It and How to Do It

When most people think about establishing an online presence, they opt for some of the most common domain extensions like .com, .net, .org, or .info. But there’s another option that could actually be the perfect choice for those looking to build an online community – a .club domain.

The .club domain is tailored for clubs, communities, and organizations of all kinds, but since it’s less common, you may have a few questions about it. 🤷‍♂️

Like, will it affect your brand? Why would anyone choose it over the more popular .com option? And what kind of online brands best fit this domain extension?

👉 Below, we’ll answer all these questions, and by the end, you should be clear on whether or not the .club TLD is the right choice for you.

Let’s go!

Why register a .club domain?

What does this extension offer you? Why choose it over one of the five most popular domain extensions?

Here’s why selecting .club over other popular domains makes sense.

It helps you stand out 🛠️

There are currently more than 1.13 billion websites in the world [1]. Over 200 million of them are active, and 46.5% of all these websites use the .com extension [2].

With numbers like these, there’s no question that standing out and creating a memorable online brand is challenging.

Choosing a .club domain can be a simple yet effective solution to stand out from your competitors while also giving your target audience a clear indication of what your website is all about.

⚠️ For example, let’s say you would like to start an online chess club for your home state in Ohio.

From the below options, which domain extensions could be more effective?

“” or “”

“” or “”

Since you’re trying to build an online club, the .club options could be more suitable because they help to communicate what the website is about and may help you stand out from the other generic .com domain extensions.

There is more availability 🙋

So we highlighted the amount of active websites on the internet. Now let’s consider the fact that as more people start online businesses or organizations, this number will continue to grow.

The challenge with this many websites is the limited availability of desirable domain names with traditional domain extensions.

If you have a domain name in mind, there’s a good chance that the .com version is already taken.

However, the .club domain extension is fairly new to the game and since it’s not as popular, you have a better chance of getting the domain name you want for your website.

It can help you get more relevant traffic 🚦

Choosing a .club domain extension can help you get more relevant traffic in different ways because it gives online users an indication of the nature of your website. Using the chess club example from above, if an online user is looking to join a chess club in Ohio, they may be more likely to click on “” Since users will already have an idea of what your website is about before clicking on it, this can also help to reduce bounce rates (the rate of people who leave your website after visiting only one page).

Over time, this will show search engines that your website deserves to rank highly for relevant terms.

Now, if you’re convinced that this is the perfect choice for you and your needs, let’s get into how to find the right domain for your website.

How to register the perfect .club domain

  1. Lead with your brand
  2. Be creative
  3. Use a name generator
  4. Register your .club domain

1. Lead with your brand 🎯

The first step in finding a domain name is brainstorming.

Brainstorming name ideas for your .club domain can be an exciting creative process. While it can be beneficial to let your imagination run, you shouldn’t forget the importance of aligning your chosen name with your brand.

You can do this by starting your brainstorming session by thinking of words or phrases that relate to the activities your community will engage in, your brand’s mission, or your values.

If you already have a physical club established, you can also brainstorm with your team or friends. They might offer fresh perspectives and suggestions you hadn’t considered.

2. Be creative 🤹🏽

This point on our list is related to the previous one but deserves its own spot because of how important it is.

Remember that statistic about the number of active online websites? Well, the best way to stand out from the already crowded online space is to try to be creative and move away from generic names that are easily forgettable.

But how can you use creativity when it comes to domain names? You can use:

  • Puns and wordplay. See if you can incorporate wordplay, puns, or clever combinations of words that relate to your club’s theme or purpose. These can make your domain name catchy.
  • Alliteration. Alliteration involves using the same sound at the beginning of multiple words in your domain. It makes the name sound catchy and rhythmical, making it easier to remember.
  • Acronyms. If your club has a long, complicated name, using an acronym can help you simplify it.

These are just some simple techniques you can use to ensure that you have a good pool of domain name options that are both on-brand and creative.

If your creative brainstorming session leads you to a domain name that feels perfect, you can skip ahead to step four. If you don’t, the following step will help:

3. Use a name generator 💡

From the above steps, you should have a good pool of domain name ideas. You can further expand your list by using a domain name generator.

Using the DomainWheel name generator to find potential .club domain extension ideas is a straightforward process.

First, enter your keywords.

Begin by entering keywords (or name ideas you came up with from the previous steps) into the search bar and click Search Domain.

This will reveal the various possible domain names you could use.

How to use the DomainWheel name generator to come up with possible .club domain names.

Second, filter your results

Since we’re focusing on .club domain names, we’ll need to tell the generator this information.

You can do this by clicking on Search Filter.

Under Domain Extensions unselect all the default domain extensions (.com, .net, .info, .blog, and .org) and select the .club option. Then click Apply.

This should give you all the possible domain names relevant to your keywords and domain extension selection.

Using the DomainWheel name generator to find a .club domain name.

Third, consider different creative options

When you scroll down your results page, you’ll see a creative section with three columns. In this section, the name generator will give you names that sound like and rhyme with whatever keyword you used. The third column will give you additional random suggestions. You can click on any of the suggestions to generate a whole new list of ideas.

Creative suggestions for possible domain names.

If you’re struggling to find a domain name you like, this is a great place to explore as these columns may suggest a domain name you might not have considered.

Lastly, repeat until you find the perfect fit

If you want to try out more keywords, simply repeat the above steps. You can do this until you find the perfect fit because our name generator is free to use.

While exploring these different name suggestions, remember to always have your branding and messaging in mind.

4. Register your .club domain ✅

Once you find a domain name you feel will be great for you and your brand, simply click on View Details (next to the domain name you like) and you can then buy the domain before anyone else does.

Alternatively, you can choose to get the domain name for free if you register it with Bluehost, a popular domain name registrar.

Final thoughts 🏁

Opting for a .club domain is a great opportunity to establish a strong online community, foster meaningful connections, and create a distinctive brand presence.

🎁 As mentioned above, there are multiple benefits to going this route:

  • You can stand out online
  • You have a better chance of getting the domain name you want since it’s not yet as popular
  • People will be immediately see that your site is relevant to their interests/search queries, making them more likely to click on your link

In this digital age, online brands need to do everything they can to stand out and become memorable. Embracing the power of the .club domain can set the stage for an engaging, interactive online community that leaves a lasting impact on its members.

If you’re looking for more guidance on how to select the right domain name, you can check out our extensive guide on how to choose a domain name.