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Homepage Design: 31 Inspirational Examples From 5 Industries

Looking for brilliant homepage design examples to inspire your next web development project?

A homepage is a gateway to your website. ⛩️

People get the first impression of your business from your homepage. It’s a critical page where you introduce your brand, mission, and products to visitors A well-executed homepage goes a long way in keeping visitors on your site and moving them to other essential pages so they end up becoming customers.

Here are 31 homepage design examples covering five popular industries:

Travel industry homepage design examples

1. Booking

Homepage design example from with image of three people smiling on a balcony, the headline "Home is where you book it", and a navigation menu with important areas like "Stays" and "Flights"

Booking kept things simple by using its homepage navigation menu to guide visitors to its core service offerings: stays, flights, car rentals, attractions, and airport taxis.

2. A Dangerous Business

Homepage design for travel blog A Dangerous Business with headshot and textbox in the foreground and mountains in the background.

Amanda Williams, the founder of A Dangerous Business, nails her homepage by sharing a prominent headshot and introducing herself to her target audience using brief conversational copy.

3. Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt homepage with large image of a person facing mountains and "Travel smarter, cheaper, longer" headline.

What stands out in this homepage design is the prominent headline that presents the benefits of working with Matt using short and punchy copy “Travel smarter, cheaper, longer.”

4. Klook

Klook homepage design with search bar over an image of cyclists on a hill with hot air balloons around them.

Klook’s homepage rocks because it engages visitors immediately and gets them to search for travel destinations and activities using the massive, unmistakable search bar.


jetBlue homepage design with "Where on Earth are you headed?" headline and a flight search tool.

jetBlue’s homepage draws visitors in by using a casual tone on the headline “Where on Earth are you headed” and gets them searching for flights straightaway with a crisp call-to-action “Search flights.”

6. Ytravel

Ytravel website homepage with four images and links to USA Travel, Family Travel, Australia Travel, and Travel Planning.

The Ytravel homepage has an excellent homepage that showcases and links to the company’s four major categories using stunning visuals that grab visitors’ attention.

Food business homepage design case studies

7. Delish

Delish homepage hero section with "Easy Overnight Oats" image and headline.

Delish uses its website hero section brilliantly by showcasing the brand’s latest recipe, “Easy Overnight Oats,” to tease readers to check it out before they scroll.

8. Cookpad

Cookpad homepage design with ingredients search bar and calls to action for "Get the App" and "Search"

Japanese food tech brand Cookpad has marvelous call-to-action buttons whose colors pop out of the page and brief copy to get visitors to take immediate action.

9. BRGR Kitchen & Bar

BRGR kichen homepage hero section image of a burger and drink.

BRGR Kitchen maximizes its hero image section by displaying up to seven of the company’s best meals and drinks so people weigh their ordering options promptly.

10. Five Guys

Fiveguys restaurant homepage design location and contact info, including Google map.

I love the midsection of the Five Guys restaurant homepage because it gives prospective customers vital info like directions, operating hours, delivery hours, and contact info.

11. H & F Burger

H&F Burger homepage design with large logo and high-quality photo of a burger.

H & F Burger uses its homepage as a branding opportunity by putting the brand’s name and logo front and center on the page to help searchers confirm they’ve landed on the right site.

12. Cookie + Kate

Cookie + Kate homepage header with "Celebrating whole foods" subhead.

This website’s short and sweet tagline, “Celebrating whole foods,” differentiates the site from competitors and shows that its focuses on healthy foods.

13. Partake Foods

Partake foods homepage design with an image and review for Partake Birthday Cake.

Partake Foods builds social proof into its homepage design by sharing a series of testimonials from delighted customers to prove their products are the real deal and deserve to be tried.

Photography business homepage design illustrations

14. Camera Jabber

Camera Jabber homepage design with tagline "For photographers, by photographers", main and trending menus, and both the most recent review and recent "Buyer's Guides" listings.

Camera Jabber’s catchy tagline, “For photographers by photographers,” tells visitors who the target audience is and who is behind this photography blog.

15. Steve McCurry

Steve mccurry homepage video reel.

The Steve McCurry homepage shines by showing Steve at work using a video reel which is more persuasive than the static photos used on most websites.

16. 500PX

500px homepage with a "Sign up" call to action and a puppy looking directly at the audience.

The 500PX homepage is list growth-focused and leads with a captivating headline, potent supporting copy, and a simple call-to-action to entice visitors to sign up.

17. Two Loves Studio

Two Loves Studio homepage design with large image of a photography setup.

Since the homepage headline is the first thing visitors will see, it needs to capture immediate attention and communicate the essence of the business. The Two Loves Studio does it splendidly with an image of a professional photography setup.

18. Gregory Ross

Gregory Ross photography website slider with three different wedding photos from different weddings.

Gregory Ross maximizes the prime real estate space above the fold to insert a homepage slider that showcases his magnificent portfolio of wedding photographs to woo readers to buy his services.

19. Flickr

Flickr homepage design with "Find your inspiration" headline over a cityscape image and a "Start for free" button.

Flickr’s homepage design starts with a gigantic search bar to get visitors to search and buy photos immediately and uses short, simple copy to highlight its massive library with billions of photos.

Fashion and lifestyle business homepage design samples

20. The Daileigh

The Daileigh homepage image of several sweaters with the headline "Where fashion gets easy"

As a fashion website, The Daileigh wants visitors to focus on clothes, so the homepage design hinges on making its selected collection the hero image to grab instant attention.

21. Effortless Gent

Effortless Gent "New around here? Start with these" area with three questions: "How can EG help my style", "Is a lean wardrobe for me", and "What matches with this"

To help visitors who feel a tad overwhelmed by all the info before them, Effortless Gent includes a “new around here” section on the homepage to guide them on what they can do next.

22. Corporette

Corporette homepage slider with image  links to four popular articles.

Corporette uses a sleek slider to display the company’s most popular articles using clickable images and titles so readers can start enjoying the content with one click.

23. College Fashion

College Fashion homepage with bright yellow image with women in summer clothes in the foreground and social media icons listed in the top menu.

To hook up with the brand’s target audience of Generation Z students, well-known for their status as social media natives, College Fashion included its social media accounts on the navigation bar.

24. Goop

Goop homepage design with an image of Gwyneth Paltrow and a menu across the top with items like "Beauty" "Fashion" and "Wellness"

Since lifestyle websites cover multiple topics, Goop makes it easy for visitors to navigate to their topic of choice by turning major subjects into menu items like fashion, wellness, and food.

25. The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet homepage design with several images from events and the headline "Welcome to The Financial Diet"

The Financial Diet rolls out the red carpet for its visitors with a warm headline “Welcome to The Financial Diet” and a subheadline that tells readers that the target audience is “women.”

26. The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad homepage design with an image of a blonde in front of a farm field on one side and an image of a woman facing a sphynx in Egypt on the other.

On Kiersten Rich’s lifestyle website, her picture dominates the homepage design to establish a connection with her audience, an essential component of personal branding.

Ecommerce brand homepage design examples

27. Wayfair

Wayfair homepage with "Shop by Department" headline and images for categories like "Furniture", "Outdoor", and "Bedding & Bath"

Wayfair’s homepage displays all the store’s departments to make it easy for shoppers to find what they want in the store.

28. Bliss

Bliss Shop ecommerce homepage design with banners across the top proclaiming free shipping on US orders over $40 and a Buy 2 Get 1 Free coupon.

The Bliss homepage courts new customers with unmissable free shipping and a buy two get one free offer at the top.

29. Subtle Asian Treats

Subtle Asian Treats homepage with a variety of Asian plushies and their starred reviews.

The Subtle Asian Treats homepage establishes trust with prospective customers by showing user-generated content and product reviews.

30. Burrow

Burrow homepage design with a high-quality image of a green sofa and the headline "Award-winning sofas and sectionals, customizable by you"

Burrow’s homepage uses a minimalistic design that strips the page of all the usual frills. It lets the product take center stage and hog all the limelight.

31. Dick Moby

Dick Moby homepage design with the headline "Spring!" and a photo on one side displaying a woman in sunglasses + a photo on the other side displaying a man in sunglasses.

What’s outstanding in Dick Moby’s homepage design is the top-notch photography showing the brand’s product in use which is more persuasive than displaying the product only.

Final thoughts on homepage design 🎨

In closing, homepage design is a critical factor in determining an excellent user experience.

I hope the above examples have given you a few ideas 💡 to try out.

As you design your homepage, focus on these four key areas:

  • Menu and navigation to help users find what they are looking for quickly
  • Headline and subheadline to sum up who you are and what you do
  • Hero image to draw readers in or showcase your core offer
  • Calls-to-action to take visitors to the pages they want to see

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